MINGE WORLD! Sat. Nov. 5th

minge-world_bk-show_44-1DON’T MISS the latest incarnation of MINGE WORLD!
a love letter to, a cunt-worthy campaign for and a titillating tribute to… our dear Hilary Clinton (embodied by none other than Amy G!) A MUST SEE!
Starring Adrienne Truscott, Julie Atlas Muz, Beatrix Burneston, Suzanne Rogaleskii, Autumn Costner, Ekaterina Sknarina and Tanya Gagne! Climb on in to the minge and get nasty with us. Gonna be one helluva night to celebrate the future is female. This pre-election Sat. Nov. 5th at Big Sky Works. Doors at 8:30pm.
Stunning Visuals by B.A Miale

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