Booking Guidelines


Hello! And thank you for choosing to perform at Big Sky Works!

Keep in mind we’re a independently-run community art & performance space with only a handful of special events a month, not a bar or typical venue that creates a ton of profit/revenue so we need to go about things a bit differently in order to exist.

First you need to decide do you want to do a door split, or rent out the space by the hour, for a flat fee.

Door splits work in your favor the more people you bring.

We take $350.- off the top to pay our staff (sound, lights, door/security, projections)

After that your cut depends on draw.

Aerial is also an option and this can be negotiated separately.

under 50 = 50/50
over 50 = 60/40
over 150 = 70/30
over 200 = 80/20

Door Charge: Minimum $10 
Guest List: One guest per performer

Drink Tickets: $1.- discount off all drinks

Load in/sound check: varies which each event, but when doors are at 9, plan to load in around 6.

RENT FOR A FLAT FEE OF $1500 -$3,000
(this depends on how many hours, usage of space and whether or not staff and bar are used, etc.)

link to specs

8 Responses to Booking Guidelines

  1. Quinn Hechtkopf says:

    Please tell us our dream is possible : )
    We’ve been looking for a venue that does not exist – but wait! Maybe it does…
    We are event decoration artists based in north Brooklyn, and one half of us has a day job in the Lower East Side. Our wedding is Saturday June 9th 2012, from 5:30pm-3am Sunday.
    We are planning to have a sit down dinner at which our family attends. We want to showcase our work with a custom stretch fabric installation to decorate the reception (this will be the first opportunity for some of our family members to see what we do in person, and will be a real expression of us — see So we need a place that is just as well suited to a reception as it is for installation art… that is also reasonably close to Lower East Side because my day job (bookkeeping at a restaurant) is doing the catering.
    The dinner will be 100-120 guests.
    Please advise us as to what kind of access we could have the day before to do the installation (it will be hard for us to do the installation the day of, because umm…We’re getting married).

    Thank you!
    Quinn and Joanna

  2. Hi Big Sky World!
    I am looking for a performance space for my emerging DIY performing arts festival, The Vis-a-Vis Project! The space you have is amazing and the price too. Please let me know if I can come by this week and check everything out and chat about details. We are currently in the process of being sponsored by Fractured Atlas, as well as some other major booze sponsors, which we can discuss when I visit your space. Check our website out, and here is our fb page:

    Thank you! I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Rachael Pazdan

  3. chantal says:

    Hi. I am interested in your space flat free for a private party for April 21st 2012 . Please get back to me as soon as possible for more information.

  4. Maria Sadim says:

    I would like to rent out your space for my brother’s 40th birthday. We would have approx 50pp on March 7. Please call me on 212-635-6644 to further discuss.

    Thank you

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