MINGE WORLD! Returns Fr. Oct. 23rd

minge-world_BK-show_3The latest incarnation of MINGE WORLD! will happen this Friday October 23rd at Big Sky Works. 8:30pm
Starring burlesque, dance, cabaret and circus superstars: Amy Gordon, Beatrix Burneston, Miss Ekaterina Sknarina, Suzanne Rogaleski, Tanya Marie Gagne, Autumn Costner and Debbie Attias. Visuals by B.A. B.A Miale
Photo by Sara Brown


ELEMENTS Circus Cabaret~Fri. Oct. 16th

alchemy-show_101615STARRING: Ivy Maud, Maggie Neuwald,Erin Elsham, Arielle Toelke, Sylvie Shames-Dawson, Cindy Abramson, Stevie Gypsy Latham, Lacy Key, Willow Dahl, Jack Crawford, Austin Auh, Leslie Hewitt, Mara Hsiung, Mary Holden, Daina Cernauskas Distefano, Margie Banal, Kelly Rapinac, Williow Dahl, Sascha Donn, Gina Leone,  Sascha Donn,  Tanya Solomon + MORE!


AND…If you like to get down and shake your groove thang, starting at 11pm there is some bad ass brass!!!
The Hungry March Band & Environmental Encroachment will play after the Elements Circus Cabaret.
$10 Tickets available at the door
Part of the awesome HONK Festival!
– About Environmental Encroachment HMBweb
A Chicago-based ensemble specializing in performance art, music, and spectacle, Environmental Encroachment creates unique entertainment environments. They’ve been dazzling audiences since 1994, and have performed at more than 100 festivals, parades, and venues from Australia to Hawaii. Environmental Encroachment fuses traditional Latin and North African rhythms with folk, jazz, and rock melodies, elevating the music with elaborate sets, puppets, hooping, circus antics, and general chaotic glee.
– About Hungry March BandmightyEE-1
Hungry March Band fuses street band traditions with raw energy and wild performance art antics. Born on the Brooklyn waterfront in 1997, the band has become an institution embodying the chaos of its urban home. Engaging audiences with choreography and improvisation, HMB has shared their creativity throughout the United States, South America, and Europe. Their sound links traditional big bands with free jazz, punk rock, and global brass. This is what it looks like when the cheerleaders go AWOL and team up with with the band geeks for an after-hours costumed dance party in the town square.
Kick in to the HONK NYC! Kickstarter here: http://tinyurl.com/nzlsdq8


BLAST OFF! Circus in the Stars ~ Sat. Aug. 1st

blastoff flyer 727Part planetarium, part circus, ALL ROCK AND ROLL!

Aerial Feats by  Tanya Marie Gagne & the Heavenly Bodies:

Ivy Maud, Michelle Dortignac, Aly Allain, Joan Puchalski,Rosabelle Salavy, Arielle Toelke, Rob + Jane Lok, Maggie Newald, Lisa Jamhoury, Megumi Yamada and more!

Robo-gogo by anna copa cabanna

Visual Mayhem by B.A Miale aka Visuals By Bamiam

Tickets at Door: ADULTS $25.- Children $10.-




summer-cabaret_2015Don’t miss the Summer Circus Cabaret on Fri. July 17th at 8:30pm

STARRING: Lisa Natoli, Bre Lawson, Maggie Neuwald, Kim Vargas, Erin Elsham, Aly Allain, Stevie Gypsy Latham, Rosabelle Selavy, Eden Atencio, Shipra Saraogi, Maryam Washington, Lacy Key, Tanya Solomon, Angelo Iodice,  Graham Cracker, Vanessa Spettman, Arielle Toelke, Leslie Robbins, Laura Doyle and more!!

TICKETS : $25.- at door


Mini Masterclasses w/ CASUS ~ June 10-15th

Casus Poly Email Res

About CASUS : Casus recognises the joy of circus and embraces the fact that circus should be accessible to everybody. A balance of trust, hard work, risk and most importantly, fun are amongst a few key factors to Casus’ success.
Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned performer Casus workshops have something to offer you. Our fresh and enjoyable approach to learning encourages individuals to explore and express creatively as well skills taught can be pursued beyond our workshops safely and confidently.
Title: Mini Masterclass
What: Mini Masterclass comprises of aerial and ground skills as well as a focus on individual and ensemble performance and improvisation.

When: Group Workshops Weds. June 1oth + Sat. June 13th 2-4pm

Cost: $125.-

Privates: Available upon Request

Please e-mail: tbirdgagne@yahoo.com



Don’t miss the amazing SPRING CIRCUS CABARET shows this
Fri. + Sat. at Big Sky Works. Showtime 8:30pm
Hosted by showbiz legend himself: Murray Hill!
Starring: Erin Elsham, Maggie Neuwald, Joan Puchalski, Kristin Olness,
Becky Hahn, Kim Vargas, Gypsy Acattaca, Demi Fyrce, Dani Leigh,
Sylvie Shames-Dawson, Bre Lawson, Lacy Key, Samyukta Ranganathan, Megumi Yamada, Tanya Solomon, Magic Brian, Maya Pir, Graham Cracker, Rebecca Fey Collins, Kate Goetzinger, Allison Alain, Sarah Chien, Ali Gies and Veronica Spettman!spring-cabaret


MINGE WORLD! Returns~ Fri. April 17th


to Big Sky Works. Friday April 17th at 8:30pm.
It’s latest incarnation will star MINGE WORLD veterans: Trixie Little, Suzanne Rogaleski, Autumn Costner, Tanya Gagne joined by the unstoppable Amy Gordon, the utterly outrageous and courageous Julie Atlas Muz and the gorgeous Ekat MissEkaterina.