HOLIDAY CIRCUS CABARET ~ Fri. + Sat. Dec. 12+13th






holiday-cabaret_old_2014_2Hosted by: Circus Amok’s Jennifer Miller

Starring: Elizabeth Munn, Skyz the Limit, Bre Lawson, Sylvie Shames-Dawson, Steven Latham, Molly Chess, Maggie Newald, Emily Hursh, Yechiel Hursarsky, Rebecca Fey Collins, Shipra Saraogi, Tanya Solomon, Candy Twister, Rob Lok, Jamie Lee Smith, Brittany Steffens, Kim Vargas, Megumi Yamada and more!!!




HELLO GOODBYE ~ Friday Dec. 5th at 8pm

Join 3 women as they contemplate coming, going and hanging around NY.

Lisa Natoli, Tina Cione, and Elizabeth Munn present a night of aerial artistry examining why they are here, who they are and what’s next.

Hopefully you can help these gals decide what to do? If not they’re happy for you to buy them a drink, as they ponder life decisions on ropes and lyra’s, possibly getting naked and toasting this town we call home.with some moral support.

Show is a Big Sky Works





TOTALLY 80’s POP ROCK CIRCUS! Oct. 17&18th


Hey hey Circus and Music LOVERS!!! Roll up Roll Up to the
Totally Awesome 80’s POP ROCK CIRCUS SHOW at Big Sky Works

Friday Oct. 17th and Sat. Oct. 18th at 8:30pm.

LIVE music by the DANGLES (the best 80’s Drag Cover Band EVER)


Trapeze, hula hoops, lyra, rope, silks, acrobatics, magic and mayhem performed by your favorite NYC circus + aerial performers.

STARRING: Erin Elsham, Joan Puchalski, Kim Vargas, Ivy Knipe, Lisa Natoli, Bre Lawson, Slyvie Sylvie Shames-Dawson, Molly Chess , Sarah Waggener, Dani Leigh, Demi Fyrce, Maggie Neuwald, Celia Kutcher, David McManamon, Amy Schulster, Steven Latham, Elizabeth Munn + Kristine Petrucione.


The TREASURE CHEST ~ Circus Cabaret July 18+19


HOSTED BY: Trixie Little + the Evil Hate Monkey

STARRING: Lisa Natoli, Elizabeth Munn, Erin Elsham, Joan Puchalski, Eva Murphy, Maggie Newald, Steve Latham, Maryam Washington, Tanya Solomon, Sarah Waggener, Kimberly Vargas, Ivy Knipe, Hanna Mandelbaum, Jamie Lee Smith, Bre Lawson and the Amazing Amy!



STARRING: Elizabeth Munn, Lisa Natoli, Amy Shure, Becky Hahn, Amy Schulster, Yechiel Husarsky, Steven Latham, Maggie Newald, Demi Fyrce, Dani Leigh, Kate Wright, Sylvie Shames-Dawson,  Bre Lawson, and Jamie Lee Smith




The Return of the CUNNING STUNTS w/ Special Guest Star GLITTA SuperNova!

More one-of-a-kind shows happening at Williamsburg’s own circus school/community performance/art space! Get while the gettin’s good Don’t miss this riDICKulous night of raw and raucous circus and burlesque talent by award-winning idiots from around the globe!

STARRING: The Wau Wau Sisters, Captain Mark Winmill Kidd, Fez Faanana + Glitta SuperNova.

Muse, mime, muscles, merriment, magic, menagerie and much much more!!!

DOORS @ 9pm $20.-