Tech Specs

Big Sky Works • Lighting Equipment

Multi-purpose plot based on:

16-Dimmer light board @ 600 Watts/channel; 2 scene presets

4 x Par-64 500-watt lamps

5 x Axial 500-watt Lekos (1 w/ iris)

4 x 500-watt Fresnels

1 x Source 4 36″ Follow spot

6 x Par-38 (house/work lights)


Big Sky Works • Sound Equipment

Mackie 12-channel, 4-bus mixer (8/4) with onboard effects and eq

Crown macro-tech 1200w amplifier (mains)

JBL SR series full range loudspeakers

Gemini 24 band stereo eq

Gemini 1000w stereo amplifier (monitors)

Full-range speakers (monitors/stage fill)

Shure SM58 dynamic microphone

ART Stereo DI box

Boom mic stand

XLR cables and 1/4 inch cables (a few)

Additional equipment available by request;
please contact for details.

DIMENSIONS : 25x50ft

What space has to offer:

HEIGHT: 16ft to the grid/rigging points

6- 1″ 5x10ft gymnastic (Tiffin) panel mats

2 standard crash pads

1 tight wire rigged 2 ft. high + 25ft. long

1 Dressing room 4x10ft. (w/ trap door) to stage/platform above

1 mobile stage 9x12ft  (breaks into 2 pieces) if needed. 18″ high

Balcony 12x6ft.  Can also be used as a stage or viewing spot or for DJ booth

No A/C but has a mega-fan as well as a GAS heater

1 bathroom

4 risers

40 chairs

3 cocktail tables

DJ set up-turntables + mixer

Epsom Projector




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