Booking Guidelines


Hello! And thank you for choosing Big Sky Works!

RENT FOR A FLAT FEE OF $1500 -$5,000
(this depends on how many hours, usage of space and whether or not staff and bar are used, etc.)

DOOR SPLIT  ( for theatrical and music events ONLY)
Door splits work in your favor the more people you bring.

We take $500.- off the top to pay our staff (sound, lights, door/security, projections)

After that your cut depends on draw.

Aerial is also an option and this can be negotiated separately.

under 50 = 50/50
over 50 = 60/40
over 150 = 70/30
over 200 = 80/20

Door Charge: Minimum $20
Guest List: One guest per act or performer (depending on size of production)

Drink Tickets: $1.- discount off all drinks

Load in/sound check: varies with each event, but when doors are at 9, plan to load in around 6.

link to specs

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