Tech Specs

Big Sky Works • Lighting Equipment

Multi-purpose plot based on:

ETC Smartfade ML Lighting Console

16-Dimmers @ 600 Watts/channel

7 Colorado Tri-Tour LED wash fixtures
4 x Par-64 500-watt lamps

5 x Axial 500-watt Lekos (1 w/ iris)

4 x 500-watt Fresnels

1 x Source 4 36° Follow spot

6 x Par-38 (house/work lights)

Big Sky Works • Sound Equipment

Mackie 16-channel, 4-bus mixer

2x Mackie Powered Main Speakers SRM450, 1000w

2x Yamaha passive stage monitors (2 monitor mixes)

2x Ashly GQX 3102 dual 31 band stereo eq (mons and mains)

5x Shure Beta57 dynamic microphone

1x Shure SM58 dynamic microphone

1x Shure PGX58 Wireless handheld microphone

Samson drum mics

ART Stereo DI box

5 Boom mic stands

XLR cables and 1/4 inch cables

iMac computer with Qlab v3, Djay Pro for audio and video playback.

Additional equipment available by request;
please contact for details.

DIMENSIONS : 25x50ft

What space has to offer:

HEIGHT: 16ft to the grid/rigging points

6- 1″ 5x10ft gymnastic (Tiffin) panel mats

2 standard crash pads

1 tight wire rigged 2 ft. high + 25ft. long

1 Dressing room 4x10ft. (w/ trap door) to stage/platform above

1 mobile stage 9x12ft (breaks into 2 pieces) if needed. 18″ high

Balcony 12x6ft. Can also be used as a stage or viewing spot or for DJ booth

No A/C but has a mega-fan as well as a GAS heater

1 bathroom

4 risers

40 chairs

3 cocktail tables

DJ set up-turntables + mixer

Epson Projector

Cocktail bar


Multiple pieces of aerial equipment available to rent

Certified rigger

In-house staff available to hire


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