Corn MO! Garage Performance & Film

More one-of-a-kind shows happening at williamsburg’s own circus school/community performance/art space! Get while the gettin’s good!

Friday, May 4th, 2012 – CORN MO & .357 LOVER’S TRAPEZE SPECTACULAR

Aerial: Una Mimnagh, Kristine Petrucione, Tyler V. Shaquiri, Jason Mejias and Sarah Brodsky.

Dance: Angela Harriel’s Love Show Dancers
Music: Katie Mullins
Video Stylings: B.A. Miale (
Rock and Roll: .357 Lover
9pm, $10

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 – GARAGE PERFORMANCE + FILM
Featuring: K.J. Holmes, Yvonne Meier & Clarinda MacLow, Charles Dennis, Cody Schreger, Geoff Gersh & Adam Kendall, Occupy Love (Velcrow Ripper & Nova Ami), Mayu Iwasaki, Maridee Slater, & Villani, Jacklyn Collier, Dave, Bobb, & Jon Sprik, and Maja Rajenovich

K.J. Holmes, dance artist and songstress, will be construing the history of the moment in an improvised solo using the verticality of the unconscious as ground to stand on. “When it comes to excavated ground, dreams have no limits.” Gaston Bachelard

In BEWARE THE SCORE!, Yvonne Meier whips Clarinda Mac Low into a frenzy, manipulating and challenging her with impossible improvisational scores. With great humor, intelligence, and sheer will power, the games begin. If you missed their previous bright conversation at Roulette in February, here’s your second chance.

Charles Dennis is a choreographer & video artist involved with New York experimental dance & performance since the 1970’s, including Robert Wilson’s “Einstein on The Beach” (1976). In 1979, Dennis co-founded Performance Space 122 where he performed extensively during the 80’s & 90’s. Dennis has also been actively documenting the downtown scene on video, creating a collection of experimental short films, 3 of which will be shared.

Cody Schreger, resident of NYC, is a performing artist, choreographer and instructor, an instructor at Big Sky Works and performing with Cirque Dreams, Cirque Boom, Lumins Circus, the International circus festivals of Albacete, Spain and Latina, Italy. She’s currently working as a acrobat in Robert LePage’s staging of “The Ring Cycle” at the Metropolitan Opera. She’ll fly wild at GARAGE, for sure.

Geoff Gersh will improvise on bowed electric guitar/effects. Adam Kendall will perform live via improvisational video. Together, they will carry the audience on a visual and sonic journey through an ambient landscape. &

OCCUPY LOVE – a sneak preview scene from the highly anticipated upcoming feature documentary “Occupy Love.” A film that asks the question: How could the economic and ecological crisis of today become a great love story? Director Velcrow Ripper and producer Nova Ami will be present.

Theatre creators Mayu Iwasaki (of Tokyo), Maridee Slater (of Colorado), & Sonia Villani (of Rome), are investigating this moment, right now, with you. They bring to you their next encounter: L’APELL DU VIDE or Call of the Void. Are you the love of my life?…Even just for this moment.

Jacklyn Collier first heard ‘The Special Two’ by Missy Higgins summer of 2005, and was immediately drawn to the song’s soulful exploration of a woman’s infidelity. She worked on the piece for a project in a graduate school movement class…and, then it exploded. Special thanks toJon Sprik and Dave Bobb for coming on board.

HAVE NO FEAR. Send out smoke signals. Send out as the weather allows. In this season finale,Maja Rajenovich will move to the shadow dancer of the great message: We love you. I share with you this.

29 Wythe Ave (corner of n14th)
Williamsburg, BK 11211



Thursday April 12th & Friday April 13th at BIG SKY WORKS

Over TWO consecutive nights, Anna Copa Cabanna, Joe McGinty & present a chronological exploration of the sonic and visual experiments of Kraftwerk with a live presentation of their SEMI-complete repertoire in the BIG SKY WORKS Atrium.

Each evening consists of a live performance and visualization of 2/3 of Kraftwerk’s studio albums—Autobahn (1974), Radio-Activity (1975), Trans-Europe Express (1977), The Man-Machine (1978), Computer World (1981) & Techno Pop (1986)—in the order of their release.

This RE-reinterpretation showcases Kraftwerk’s historical contributions to and contemporary influence on global sound and image culture… FOR THOSE OF US WHO DON’T HAVE FANCY MOMA(/internet scalper) CONNECTIONS.

Doors at 8pm
Autobahn (1974)- Cosmicide (members of The Secret Machines)
Radio-Activity (1975) – The Trapeze Loft
Trans-Europe Express (1977)- Dead Mofo (members of The Kills, A Place to Bury Strangers) Projections by Spencer Bewley!
+ DJ Niteline (Kevin Duffey) before, after and in between!

Doors at 9pm
The Man-Machine (1978) – The Anna Copa Cabanna Show
Computer World (1981) -Joe McGinty’s Circuit Parade, featuring Mike McGinnis (woodwinds), Leon Dewan (Dewanatron) and Dorit Chrysler (Theremin).
Techno Pop (1986) – The Dirty Boogaloo
+ DJ URSULA1000 before, after and in between!

BOTH nights will feature a larger than life keytar-triggered light show by



|| Aztec Economy + Den Svarta Fanan
Joe Merolla (Cello) / Weasel Walter (Drums) / Nonoko Yashida (Alto Sax)
Casey Wimpee (text) / Sean Berman (video design) / Adam Belvo (Pizo)
Julie Morgethaler (Penka) / Laten Willson (Pascal) / Cole Wimpee (actions)
Nick Capodice (007)
Panoply Performance Lab
Esther Neff + Brian McCorkle + Arla Berman + Bonnie Kane
Mark Morgan (Guitar) / Richard Hoffman (bass) / John Lockie (drums)

check out the video trailer here:

PSYCHOJELLY (aztec economy) is a half-hour performance with live music and video detailing a narrative involving radioactive jelly, turtle eggs, floppy discs, James Bond, and cold war escapism set in Bulgaria in the 1980s. Aztec Economy has presented shows at the Obie-Award Winning Ice Factory at the Ohio Theater and 3LD in Lower Manhattan, as well as at P.S.122, The Tank (formerly in Tribeca), The Steamship Lilac off the Hudson River,
The Brick Theater, Brooklyn Fire Proof, New Orleans Fringe Festival, The Fridge in Washington D.C., and bars, backyards, rooftops, and churches all over Brooklyn.

DEN SVARTA FANAN is composed of Joe Merolla on Cello, Weasel Walter on Drums, and Nonoko Yashida on Alton Sax.

PHOTONS BE FREE (panoply performance lab) was originally cheap propaganda for the Hologram Liberation Front written by The Doctor (Joe). PPL’s 2012 piece attempt to provide a crucial platform for the voices of photon, electrons, and other enslaved particles (dear ones), as they shuffle together for warmth, scream their despair into ears too large and crude to understand, and riot across the spectrum in a haze of elementary self-organization.
with Esther Neff, Brian McCorkle, Arla Berman, Bonnie Kane

SIGHTINGS is a psychedelic rock band in Brooklyn. DISCOGRAPHY 4 song 7″ (Freedom From, 2001) “Live” cass. (Spite, 2001) “Sightings” cd/lp (Load, 2002) “Live at Free 103.9 FM” cd-r (Free 103.9 FM, 2002) “Michigan Haters” cd (Psych-O-Path, 2002) “Absolutes” cd/lp (Load/Riot Season, 2003) “Unreleased Vols. 1 & 2” cd-r (no label, 2003) “Gardens of War” w/ Tom Smith cd (Smackshire, 2004) “Arrived In Gold” cd/lp (Load, 2004) “Castle Moat/Invisible Coats” 7″ (Fusetron, 2005) “Back to Back/Une Drole De Journee” 7″ split with Hrvatski (Ache, 2005) “End Times” cd/lp (Fusetron/ En/Of, 2006) vinyl edition has 3 tracks from CD version + one different song and is paired with an offset print from artist Daniel Richter. ltd to 100 copies “Through The Panama” cd/lp (Load-CD/Ecstatic Peace-LP, 2007) Mike Morgan (Guitar), Richard Hoffman (Bass), John Lockie (Drums).


White Mystery 4/20 Record Release Rock’n’Roll Circus

White Mystery is the rock’n’roll duo Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White from Chicago named a Top Sibling Act and Best Video Premiere by MTV. The siblings are excited to celebrate their third annual 4/20 record release at Big Sky Works with New York talents Total Slacker, Habibi, Fucking Bullshit, ventriloquist Carla Rhodes, visuals by B.A. Miale, and aerial performers. Join the event to make this a true Rock’n’Roll Circus! 9PM, 21+, $10

Flier Art:

White Mystery LINKS
Twitter @MissAlexWhite


No, *WE’RE* The Village Green Preservation Society!

Why just listen to an album when you can exist inside of it?
Come enjoy one of the best concept albums ever written in the form of an interactive art installation/DIY musical/circus show, chock full of aerialists, dancers, cabaret stars and much more! BRING THE KIDS!

Sat, March 31st, 2012 – TWO SHOWS!

5pm – Kid-Friendly Matinee! (doors at 4)
& 8:30pm (doors at 7:30)


VGPS performed in it’s entirety by THE MARCH FOURTH! straight from the animal farm!

Aerial Feats:
in the big sky by TANYA GAGNE
JEAN “Jeanie Thunder” LOSCALZO
and the starstruck KRIS OLNESS!!

AMY G (with all of her friends in tow)


SISTERSARABROWN (taking pictures)!

Do you remember SARA CHAMPAGNE?!

Acrobatics by the phenomenal AIDAN O’SHEA

Contortion by the riverside with AMAZING AMY

Enormous narrative & psychedelic light show by animated LIVE before your eyes. On a keytar.

More special guests announced as confirmed!

“God save donald duck, vaudeville and variety!!”



Garage Performance & Film Sunday, February 12, 2012


8 PM
29 Wythe Ave @ 14th St
$10 suggested donation

FEATURING: Ondyne’s Demise, Nick Meyer & Kieran Lally,
Colin Langenus & Eli Winograd, Maja Rajenovich, Ann Tracy,
Youngsun Cho & Mayu Iwasaki, Nora Burn, & Max Sympathy.

ONDYNE’S DEMISE is an ethereal ambient music project. Operatic vocals blend with dark strains of cello and sweeping cinematic synth, heralding listeners into a dark mysterious world of water spirits and unsettled phantoms.

NICK MEYER is a photographer from Western Massachusetts. KIERAN LALLY is half of the rock duo Horse Spirit Penetrates, and often a subject in Meyer’s work. In their slide show, PATTERN LANGUAGE, the two combine still images and music to create an abstract narrative.

COLIN LANGENUS & ELI WINOGRAD run a studio in Brooklyn, pooling their equipment and collaborating heavily. They play art shows, mellow minimal country, psychedelic yacht rock comfortable soul jam…or whatever they want.

MAJA RAJENOVICH presents PORTRAIT OF A CATCH-ALL, a tribute to the bravery and idealism of an American Dreamer, inspired by Ray Kachel (OWS) and George Packer (writer/reporter).

ANN TRACY’S short video, COSMIC BOXING packs a punch as well as advises on the Sutras for living in this newly arrived Aquarian Age. Ann (Gianroop Kaur) teaches Kunadlini Yoga and Meditation at Golden Bridge Yoga, NYC. She is a life-long studio artist.

TRANSPLANTS is a collection of interwoven movements highlighting the kaleidoscopic rhythm of a New Yorkers’ daily life. It is performed by two recent NYC arrivals, YOUNGSUN CHO & MAYU IWASAKI, who marvel at how people adapt to extreme, self-imposed conditions of the City, what people do in order to survive, and affirm their commitment to stay on.

NORA BURN is a founding member of the comedy groups Unitard and the Nellie Olesons. She’s cheating on her gays and performing solo, so don’t tell, though she’s sure they’re performing solo in steam rooms around the city.

A EULOGY FOR SPECIAL PEOPLE (film) by MAX SYMPATHY. Intended to portray nudity without sex and blood without violence. 15 minutes of fame for wage slaves & nobodies from nowhere, forever an evanescent moment. 90’s Portland, Oregon as last gasp analog sci-fi, deep in sensation and heavily saturated, cinema, desperate music in love with truth and beauty.

GARAGE PERFORMANCE + FILM has a running open call.
If interested in participating in an upcoming event,
Send proposals to:
Future dates: Sunday, March 4th & Thursday, April 5th.


Garage Performance and Film this Sunday

Sunday. January 8th. doors @ 8 pm
29 Wythe Ave. @ 14th St. $10 donation

Featuring: Jennifer Monson & Jennifer Miller, Karen Bellone & Lisa Rinzler, Johanna S. Meyers & Alexandra Hartmann, Stephanie Artz & Mark Howell, Sara Brown & NYC, Maja Rajenovich & Julia Sterling, and Lone Wolf & Cub.

Jennifer Miller & Jennifer Monson have a sporadic, on-going dance collaboration. In this performance they will continue their investigation of improvised unison with reference to Merce Cunningham, Anna Halprin & Chris Cochrane. Miller is founder & director of Circus Amok, and professor at Pratt Institute. Monson is founder & artistic director of iLAND (interdisciplinary Laboratory of Art Nature and Dance), and professor at University of Illinois.

Death By Unnatural Causes (1992), short film by Karen Bellone & Lisa Rinzler. This work is a visceral homage to those living and passing under the shadow of AIDS in a world run amok.

Alexandra Hartmann & Johanna S. Meyers will perform stunts never seen by anyone. Perform things never ever done…in a reunion performance of long time collaborators. Dance With My Wall, Please! is a series of love duets and solos with Tanya Gagne’s wall.

Dancer Stephanie Artz & guitarist Mark Howell collaborate on interstellar planes, notes, movements, gestures, waves of sound/space exploring alternative realities through parallel universes of dance and music. She is live; he is molecular.

Sara Brown & New York is a West Coast Riot Grrl living and loving in NYC, a freelance photographer who walked straight off the bus into the circus via Tanya’s Trapeze Loft. Tonight, she’ll share with us some of her great partner shots.

Maja Rajenovich (Brooklyn) & Julia Sterling (San Francisco) will attempt the transcontinental communication between two. This brief exposition: Air Of Breathing Under A Blanket gets warm in a confined virtual reality of contrived privacy. Another reunion performance made possible by the Jetsons.

Lone Wolf & Cub is Ryan Sawyer on drums & Suzanne Rogaleski on trapeze. They light up the night sky through their passionate conversation, responding to one another in time and space, in wondrous, daring optimism.


This weekend! Corn Mo! The Giraffes! The Wau Wau Sisters!

Friday, December 9th, 9pm $10
.357 Lover’s Spectacular Showtime Show 3
6 Aerialists: Jean Loscalzo, Tess Emerson, Sarah Brodsky, Tyler V. Shaqiri, Kristine Petrucione and Una Mimnagh
Performing to the songs of Corn Mo & .357 Lover
special guest: Zero Boy
Visuals by

Saturday, December 10th 9pm $10
THE GIRAFFES (w/aerial insanity by cody schreger) +TWIN GUNS+THE SKINS+

THE GIRAFFES are nothing short of legends in the brooklyn rock scene. This time around while they pummel you with their rambunctious sexy surf metal, you’ll witness aerialist insanity dangling from the ceiling, courtesy of the amazing CODY SCHREGER

New York’s TWIN GUNS is a reverb-soaked dynamically dark duo that features Andrea Sicco (Oscura, Rockethouse) and “Jungle” Jim Chandler (The Cramps, The Makers). “A Phil Spector-meets-Nick Cave-style of rock n’ roll. ” says the Onion A.V Club

THE SKINS are an insane teenage rock band consisting of siblings Bayli, Reef, and Kaya Mckeithan, along with friends Daisy Spencer and Russell Chell.

Larger than life light show all night bought to you by B.A Miale who mashes up video live on a keytar. It’s probably also worth mentioning Damien from the GIRAFFES (that sicko) will be curating the imagery/clips she uses during parts of their set. she’s scared.

Sunday, Dec. 11th, 6 PM $15
The Wau Wau Sisters Holiday Ho Down!

w/ The Randy Brothers, The Schlep Sisters and other surprise guests! Come for an early night out, Drink a Li’l or a lot, Forget about Monday, it happens every week! This is one night only!! Home is where the Hooch is!!
Happy Holidays Hos!
Love TnA xxx


Something for everyone at BSW this weekend!

Friday, December 2nd 9pm $10
Haunting Multi-Dimensional Sound Art with live video projection featuring:

aerial by T-Pow!
live visuals by

Saturday, December 3rd 9pm $10
SAGITTARIA! A night of spacey psychedelic rock and celebration of all our sagittarian friends featuring:
Minerva Lions w/ aerial feats by the Trapeze Loft!
Your 33 Black Angels
Dead Sands
DJ Partypants!
Live visuals all night by

Sunday, Dec. 4th, 8 PM $10

Short Films from the early 70s by DENNIS OPPENHEIM. Thanks to the artist’s trust and the Slought Foundation, BSW presents “COMPRESSION FERN” in a selection of studio films which reflect Oppenheim’s initiatives into body and land art forms, where formal concerns of sculpture and material shifted onto the person and the interaction, performing art.

JULIE ATLAS MUZ heralds from Detroit who now has an apartment in NYC. She might possibly live at JFK or any international airport around the world. She is a New Yorker and can’t wait to make art with her good friend Tanya. What kind of art? Who knows? But it won’t be boring although she writes this from bored-o (Bordeaux, FR)

NEAL MEADLYN…My piece is called Auto Erotic Tijuana Taxi. Oh and about me: I’m a performance artist who makes shows using pop stars and pop music. I have a show at the Kitchen February 2-4, 2012 built around the Insane Clown Posse. I also am co-host and co-creator of the monthly “Our Hit Parade” at Joe’s Pub.

TANYA GAGNE, founder and director of the Trapeze Loft and Big Sky Works, presents aerial works on a homemade, life-size DREAMCATCHER.

VIC THRILL, musician, entertainer, creative media personality, conceptualist. Vic’s headquarters from 1997–2004, known as The Vic Thrill Salon, was referred to on “This American Life” as a “thrift shop version of Andy Warhol’s factory…”

ALISSA FELLER. A circus artist with love for many disciplines, collaboration, and inventing new apparatus. Last year, she found an antique crib and began to explore the space in and around it as a new puzzle and quest for a story.

RED SHOES DANCE COMPANY presents its debut performance “Stripped/RAW” in a special collaboration, with choreography by Christine Murray and Chris McClellan. Unleash your beauty on the world, when you are Stripped/RAW. come out and play!

and, MAJA RAJENOVICH as Mistress of Ceremonies….

Visuals by, who mashes up video live on a keytar’


Contact to submit your wild card.

It all happens at

29 Wythe Ave @n14th st, Williamsburg