.357 LOVER’S Spectacular Showtime SHOW + A/C Fundraiser

Friday, June 29 • Doors open @ 9pm
Suggested Donation $10+
Musical Guests: Gabrielle Sterbenz and Root Hub
Aerialists: Jason Mejias, Jean Loscalzo, Kristine Petrucione and Tanya Gagne
Featuring Angela Harriel’s Love Show Dancers
Video stylings by BAMiAM.tv.

This is a fundraiser to install an A/C unit at Big Sky Works!  There will be a raffle as well. Some of the awesome prizes include: aerial classes, hula hoop class, dinner for 2 at Superfine, venison steaks shot by Tanya’s father and much much more!

If you are unable to make it to the show and want to help, you can send a donation via PayPal to: tbirdgagne@gmail.com



DARKWAVE featuring Ondyne’s Demise, Lussuria & Believer

Join us for a haunting evening of darkwave, witch house, ethereal ambient music on

June 2nd @ 9pm

With Aerial by: TANYA GAGNE

at Big Sky Works
29 Wythe ave. (Off of N. 14th street in Williamsburg, Bklyn.)
8:30 pm. $10.00 cover


Corn MO! Garage Performance & Film

More one-of-a-kind shows happening at williamsburg’s own circus school/community performance/art space! Get while the gettin’s good!

Friday, May 4th, 2012 – CORN MO & .357 LOVER’S TRAPEZE SPECTACULAR

Aerial: Una Mimnagh, Kristine Petrucione, Tyler V. Shaquiri, Jason Mejias and Sarah Brodsky.

Dance: Angela Harriel’s Love Show Dancers
Music: Katie Mullins
Video Stylings: B.A. Miale (BAMiAM.tv)
Rock and Roll: .357 Lover
9pm, $10

Sunday, May 6th, 2012 – GARAGE PERFORMANCE + FILM
Featuring: K.J. Holmes, Yvonne Meier & Clarinda MacLow, Charles Dennis, Cody Schreger, Geoff Gersh & Adam Kendall, Occupy Love (Velcrow Ripper & Nova Ami), Mayu Iwasaki, Maridee Slater, & Villani, Jacklyn Collier, Dave, Bobb, & Jon Sprik, and Maja Rajenovich

K.J. Holmes, dance artist and songstress, will be construing the history of the moment in an improvised solo using the verticality of the unconscious as ground to stand on. “When it comes to excavated ground, dreams have no limits.” Gaston Bachelard

In BEWARE THE SCORE!, Yvonne Meier whips Clarinda Mac Low into a frenzy, manipulating and challenging her with impossible improvisational scores. With great humor, intelligence, and sheer will power, the games begin. If you missed their previous bright conversation at Roulette in February, here’s your second chance. clarindamaclow.com

Charles Dennis is a choreographer & video artist involved with New York experimental dance & performance since the 1970’s, including Robert Wilson’s “Einstein on The Beach” (1976). In 1979, Dennis co-founded Performance Space 122 where he performed extensively during the 80’s & 90’s. Dennis has also been actively documenting the downtown scene on video, creating a collection of experimental short films, 3 of which will be shared. charlesdennis.net

Cody Schreger, resident of NYC, is a performing artist, choreographer and instructor, an instructor at Big Sky Works and performing with Cirque Dreams, Cirque Boom, Lumins Circus, the International circus festivals of Albacete, Spain and Latina, Italy. She’s currently working as a acrobat in Robert LePage’s staging of “The Ring Cycle” at the Metropolitan Opera. She’ll fly wild at GARAGE, for sure. codyjs.com/Cody/Home.html

Geoff Gersh will improvise on bowed electric guitar/effects. Adam Kendall will perform live via improvisational video. Together, they will carry the audience on a visual and sonic journey through an ambient landscape. geoffgersh.com & hellbender.org

OCCUPY LOVE – a sneak preview scene from the highly anticipated upcoming feature documentary “Occupy Love.” A film that asks the question: How could the economic and ecological crisis of today become a great love story? Director Velcrow Ripper and producer Nova Ami will be present. occupylove.org

Theatre creators Mayu Iwasaki (of Tokyo), Maridee Slater (of Colorado), & Sonia Villani (of Rome), are investigating this moment, right now, with you. They bring to you their next encounter: L’APELL DU VIDE or Call of the Void. Are you the love of my life?…Even just for this moment.

Jacklyn Collier first heard ‘The Special Two’ by Missy Higgins summer of 2005, and was immediately drawn to the song’s soulful exploration of a woman’s infidelity. She worked on the piece for a project in a graduate school movement class…and, then it exploded. Special thanks toJon Sprik and Dave Bobb for coming on board.

HAVE NO FEAR. Send out smoke signals. Send out as the weather allows. In this season finale,Maja Rajenovich will move to the shadow dancer of the great message: We love you. I share with you this. majarajenovich.com

29 Wythe Ave (corner of n14th)
Williamsburg, BK 11211