Magic Brian’s Happy Freakin’ Birthday Party Show

magic brian's bday show

Friday, November 4th @ 8pm

Magic Brian Productions presents:

Some words from the birthday boy himself:
“I’ll be celebrating a big birthday and decided to throw myself a party so I convinced some of my favorite performers to do a show for me… and for you!
This is a seriously big show with international award winning and Gunnies World Record holding acts!
Never before have I produced a show this big. It’s a one night only, one of a kind event!”

Albert Cadabra
Al “The Human Knot” Millar
The Birdmann
Chris Rozzi
Corn Mo
The Fabulous Miss Una
Helen Cassidy
Jason Escape
Magic Marc
Miss Saturn
The Pasquali Brothers
Yo-Yo Guy John Higby
…and more
hosted by:
Mario Queen of the Circus

Miss this show and you will be missing out on an amazing night of entertainment.

Outrageous Comedy-Magic & Sideshow
Magic Brian Productions


CREAM OF THE BIG TOP! Sat. Nov 5th 8pm $15.-

Roll up! Roll Up!! And see the Trapeze Loft’s FALL CIRCUS CABARET : A thrilling evening of NYC Circus Stars and guests from Montreal & Australia hosted by Circus Amok’s Jennifer Miller.
Featuring members from LAVA, Suspended Cirque, Luminosity, Tess Emerson, Sarah Brodsky, Felicia O’Brien, Becky Hahn, Cody Schreger, Lil Tulloch, Jean Loscalzo, Alissa Fellers, Sarh Waggener, Amazing Amy, visuals by  and more!!!


DanFriel + GreyGersten + DustinWong + GuardianAlien + aerialDANCEvisuals

Friday, October 21
9:00pm – 2:00am

A psychedelic music + dance + aerial + visual extravaganza!

The quirky electronic delights of DAN FRIEL (Parts & Labor) teams up with outrageous aerial of TANYA GAGNE (Wau Wau Sisters).

GREY GERSTEN‘s (Rain Machine, John Zorn, Michael Hurley) transcendental tunes provide the soundtrack to the illustrious CHAKRA FAWN DANCERS.

The hypnotic melodies of DUSTIN WONG (Ponytail) joined by amazing aerialist CODY SCHREGER.

Plus the enigmatic and pummeling psych-rock of GUARDIAN ALIEN (ex-Liturgy/Dan Deacon Ensemble) round out the bill.

All existing simultaneously with a giant visual show provided by B.A. Miale aka, who mashes up video  LIVE on a keytar.

Doors at 9:00pm • Cover $10
RSVP on Facebook


Trapeze Loft Fall Classes Begin

The Trapeze Loft’s Fall Group Classes are now underway, with classes for the experienced, the novice, and the newbie alike! The full schedule is posted on The Trapeze Loft website.

On Sundays, explore Silks with ImaginAerial’s Laura Witwer. Mondays, Trap Loft veteran Suzanne Ro leads her long-running Groupo Guapa Trapeze, followed by Open Level Silks and Beginners Lyra, with instructor Cody Schreger.

Tuesdays, Fundamentals of Vertical & Spanish Web with Dakota Rooney is followed by Hula Hoop and Beginner Trapeze, both with school founder, Tanya Gagné.

Funny Bone Theater presents Funny Bone Kids on Wednesdays – it’s a new after school program for kids age 8 – 12 (more info here). Suzanne follows with Trapeze! for “advanced beginner” and intermediate students. To end the evening, a Professional Skills Share has been added, for advice from advanced practitioners of the circus arts (juggling, wire, hula hoop, trapeze… all are welcome!).

On Thursdays, Trapeze Loft  founder Tanya Gagné leads two new classes: Static Trapeze for intermediate and advanced students, and Partnering & Doubles Trapeze (some trapeze experience required).

On Saturdays, Partner Acrobatics returns, with Tanya and longtime collaborator Aidan O’Shea, followed by Debra’s Tight Wire Open Workout. Circus Flight, described as a fun and challenging “circus arts workout” combining elements of tight wire, partner acrobatics, hula hoop, trapeze, silks, and more, follows.

All classes are rolling admission – just email or call the instructors directly. Full class schedule and contact info on The Trapeze Loft site!



Vic Thrill Benefit > Friday September 16

On Friday Sept. 16th @ 8pm, Big Sky Works will be hosting a benefit for our beloved Vic Thrill!


Vic (Billy) has four herniated discs in his back and hasn’t been able to work effectively since March so we’re trying to raise money for his astronomical medical bills and such.

If you’re a friend of Billy’s or a fan of the Bogmen or Vic Thrill please try to attend or donate. He really needs your help (and won’t ask for it himself!).

Can’t make the event but want to help? You can make a donation right now – click here!

There will be amazing performances by him and friends and family from the NY music, circus and performance scene: Vic ThrillT-Pow!Ambrose MartosChris RozziChris CampionFellini’s Basement, the Amazing and more!

As well as a killer raffle with generous donations by TreehouseMikey’s Hook-up, Corn Mo, cupcakes by P-5!, Acupuncture sessions with Margaret Hallisey, Drum lessons with Ryan Sawyer and much, much more!

Please spread the word! Vic Thrill needs our help and it’s going to be a magical night!

Suggested donation $25 • RSVP on Facebook or Make a donation right now!